Jamilah Barry Shares New Song ‘Give’

British-Guinean vocalist Jamilah Barry has released her new single “Give,” produced by Rømme and Oddbox.

Over an ambient backdrop, with Marco Bernadis on the saxophone and flute, Barry coos about embracing a lifestyle rooted in love.

“I give thanks to those before we / Won’t forget what they taught me / How could I ever be lonely / Not when I keep recalling / That’s it’s all my love / And it’s all I’ve got / All I got give,” Barry sings.

The meditative track was inspired during Barry’s trip to Maldives. “This song is essentially a note-to-self that serves as a reminder of my life’s objectives and morals,” she explains. “In some ways, it’s a gospel, an affirmation of who I want to be and how.”

“Give” arrives with a serene video directed by Chloe Rosolek. The breathtaking visual was filmed in the French vistas of La Rochelle and Île de Ré.

Regarding the video’s concept, Rosolek notes, “By juxtaposing the summer romance with moments of introspection by the ocean, it highlights the significance of inner peace, tranquility and healing. The wedding sequence symbolizes a union with oneself – instead of a partner – elevating the themes of self-love and empowerment.”

“Give” is Barry’s first single release since 2023’s “Uber Ride.”

Watch the official music video below.