Interview: Marsha Bartenetti

How are you today?

It is a beautiful day here in Los Angeles, thank you!

For those who may not yet be acquainted with your work, could you elaborate on the essence of your sound and elucidate upon the prominent influencers that have shaped your artistic journey thus far?

I’ve had adjectives like smooth, elegant, heartfelt; with a repertoire mixing Standards with Contemporary material and a variety of arrangements…’she connects with her audience from the onset of her show and never loses that connection.’
I say I do songs from Billie Holiday to Bonnie Raitt – and will cross any genre for a good lyric.
I’m all about interpreting a lyric no matter the genre.

In what ways has your geographical surroundings served as a muse for your creative endeavors? Have you observed any discernible impact of your locale on the evolution of your musical expression?

Having come from a small town in Rhode Island, surrounded by acreage and forest, I know that having had the bucolic setting definitely affected my soul in my music. I heard the natural symphony play on a daily basis. I left the east coast for California in the 60’s which provided again, a very poignant backdrop for my creative spirit. The 60’s in the Bay Area was a musical renaissance of creativity. It was a powerful time to be in music. From the San Francisco Bay Area I moved to Los Angeles in the 90’s, and added yet another element to my vocal expression. I was moved in each segment of my life by events of the day, and to my environment with thought provoking changes in each decade. As I grew and changed I carried with me elements of each.

Your recent single release has garnered attention. Could you provide insight into the genesis of this record and expound upon the narrative that informs its creation?

Actually, the last release I did was an album of songs by Jane McNealy and Alice Kuhns called “Marsha Bartenetti Sings McNealy & Kuhns.” It is a fully orchestrated album with lush songs about love and loss. It was unique in its’ process because we started recording the vocals right as COVID hit and we were not allowed to be in the same room at the recording studio. The producer, at times, had to be on Zoom and work with me over the computer!
The music tracks had already been completed before I came onboard, as well, so that was another element to the process that was new and challenging for me. I had to find my truth within the confines of the existing tracks. Luckily, the songs resonated with me in a way that I could find myself within the parameters. We were so challenged by COVID, yet we did complete the project and we are all very proud of the result! The songs are beautiful and the lyrics evocative.

How does your latest single distinguish itself within the context of your discography? Furthermore, could you delve into the significance it holds for you personally?

This album is definitely a bit outside of the box from my earlier recordings, and yet, it also shows another approach and layer to my music, which I was excited to explore. Especially singing to such lush arrangements. It was a dream.

What aspirations do you harbor regarding the impression you wish your latest project to leave upon its audience?

I always hope in each project I do that the songs will find their audience and resonate in some way with their lives. That the music will inspire, soothe, heal, and bring some joy.

Can we anticipate the emergence of a new EP or, perhaps, an album from your artistic repertoire in the foreseeable future?

We are in the process of editing some tunes I sang at my last live performance and will be releasing them soon as an EP and singles. We are also creating a video of a few of the tunes from the show. Stay tuned!

Looking ahead, what milestones do you envision accomplishing within the forthcoming five years, both artistically and personally?

Five years will be here in a blink. I want to continue what I’m doing, keep deepening my choices for material, and reach many, many, more people around the world.